Bathtub Reglazing, Tub Refinishing, Tile Reglazing, and Bathroom Reglazing in Tampa, Fl

Bathroom Tubs & Tiles

Our bath restoration for tubs and tiles in unequaled, as our exclusive recoloring process uses a thermosetting technique—or baking application—where the glaze is applied hot. The secret lies in the ability of the compounds to fuse themselves to the original surface through the molecular bonding process.

The new finish becomes a permanent part of the existing fixture, unlike bathroom liners, which can crack, trapping unsanitary water and creating a health hazard.

With thousands of successful applications nationwide, our process is truly bathtub and tile refinishing at its finest. The smooth, non-porous, and water-resistant properties of our glaze create a permanent barrier to moister. This turns your tile and tub into one sealed unit—another added benefit at premier.

The process is all completed on-site within a couple of hours, is dry to the touch in 15 minutes, and can be used in 12 hours. We offer outstanding high gloss and color retention, which cures to create a hard, tough, abrasion-resistant finished product. Unlike epoxy, it proves extremely resistant to chalking and yellowing. Your tiles and tub will not crack or peel, and will be very easy to clean. Non-skid bath mats are also available.


Trust the pros at our company for all your glazing solutions. Premier Kitchen and Bath Reglazing is used by the State of Florida housing authority, real estate developers, contractors, plumbers and tile men, and thousands of condo and homeowners.

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